Faculty e-Session of Student Science Clubs, WIEiK, June 7, 2021

On June 7, the Faculty e-Session of Student Scientific Circles at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering took place.

Nine papers were delivered.


✅ 1st prize:

Paper no. 2. Jakub Zielonka – Smartphone – used for diagnostic purposes

✅ 2nd prize:

Referat nr 7. Maciej Gibas, Bartłomiej Szostak – Zastosowanie oprogramowania Fusion 360 w działaniach koła el-RAPPRO

✅ 3rd prize:

Paper No. 6. Aleksandra Wiśniowska, Bartłomiej Mierczak, Kamilierwoła, Maciej Pawlikowski, Jan Żywczak – Application of integrated control systems in modular houses dedicated to elderly people with a handicapped motor system

✅ 1st distinction:

Paper no. 3. Miłosz Worwa – The use of a PLC to control an oscillating object

✅ 2nd distinction:

Paper no. 5. Kacper Jaworski – Design and implementation of a modular system for measuring the parameters of user comfort

✅ Other papers:

Paper No. 10. Konrad Zieliński, Mateusz Żabiński – Residual machining – the use of a milling machine for the purposes of rapid prototyping in the el-RAPPRO wheel

Paper no. 4. Mariusz Górny, Piotr Dudek – Automation system for analysis and machine learning in microservices architecture for intelligent construction

Paper no. 8. Tomasz Szpak – An automated system for laser stimulation of soybeans based on image analysis

Paper No. 9. Kacper Chojkowski, Bartosz Sochacki – Comprehensive application of FFF and SLA incremental technology in the El-RAPPRO wheel

Dodano: 9 September 2021